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Online Survey-Steps Involved

3 Steps
  1. Empanelment of the Respondent : Its a one time activity, to share personal and professional information of the respondent - which enables us determine the sample sections and categories they need to be placed in for the survey. It further facilitates in understanding the preferences, tastes and interests of the respondent. Every emplanelment accrues to the respondent member one incentive point in favor of self.
  2. Obtaining PIN / PRN : Every empanelled member is allocated a permanent Personal Identification Number called PIN (general interest) / PRN (professional interest) ;and it has several benefits attached to it ; viz. having access to 24 x 7 Passbook and Redemption Page ; Taking of Surveys; Preference in sending of invitations to take the survey; Upload your opinion and feedback etc. It saves time ; and obviates need to re-enter your personal descriptions on every transaction / interaction.
  3. Referral : An empanelled member can earn incentive points every time his or her referred person empanels with AOne Panel ; as we award to both – the referee and the referred a point each on every such emplacement
  4. Taking of Surveys : On launch of every survey we send invitations to the empanelled members soliciting their participation in the survey. Also there is a section named Current Surveys which lists the ongoing surveys. Whenever visiting ; it can be checked and the surveys be completed.
  5. Incentive Points : Incentive Points are earned for empanelling, referring and taking of the surveys online. These points can be accumulated for larger value redemptions or could be redeemed even at lower values - in either cash or kind or a combination of the two. Based upon the processing time ; the redemption requests are honored within the committed period of time from our end.
  6. Passbook : A 24 x 7 Passbook describing the transactions and the balances are indicated in this statement. It has an in built provision for redemption of the incentive points as also any corrections if indicated from respondent members end.
So happy times ahead !
Share Your Opinion and Earn Incentive Points :: Accumulate or Anytime Redeem

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Online Surveys on variety of topics are hosted at AOne Panel. At AOne Panel members are free to join and are paid for online surveys , registration and referrals - earning without investment - and they gain incentives at every stage ! At AOne Panel members participate in online surveys, opinion polls, quiz / tests, discussion room topics and bulletin board exchanges — and earn for opinion / views expressed by them.
At AOne Panel both (referee member and the referred member) get credited / paid 01 incentive point each - every time a referral happens - Paid At Every Stage! Members are paid for opinion / views and the incentive points can be accumulated. The incentive points can be redeemed in cash or kind by member choice and preference.
Multiple Discipline Panel of Respondents from Multiple Locations is available at AOne Panel . It is classified based upon various and several inteterests as also competencies of respondent members. AOne Panel provides for online surveys on :

  • General Interest Consumer Items
  • Information Technology
  • Technical Topics / Subjects
  • Automobile / Aviation
  • Travel / Hotel
  • Mobile / Phone
  • Healthcare - doctors, patients, paramedics
  • Finance / HR / Legal / Management
  • Food / Drinks
  • Mothers / Grand Mothers
  • Kids / Students / Academicians
  • B2B / Trade Decision Making

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