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By Joining Us - Click on JOIN US - a simple registration process where in you provide the requisite information about own self and your taste, interest & competency. This is FREE - in fact you earn incentive points even for joining us !
Empanelment or Registration means to completely fill and submit the EMPANELMENT FORM / REGISTRATION FORM, it is a onetime exercise. This form opens when clicked on Join Us option at .
Yes, you are right, you don't have to pay, In fact we pay you for even empaneling / registration / joining with us.
Surveys are located on AOne Panel- Current Survey page - available post logIN at
Yes, all are invited and welcome to join the Online Survey program. There is no objection to it - as long as they have separate email IDs and preferably (not essentially) a different Bank- account if the redemption are required to be paid by cash to their account.
PIN is Personal Identification Number allocated to general interest members / PRN is Professional Identification Number allocated to professional interest members. It is allocated to every empaneled member respondent. It is a onetime exercise , and enables us to have all the relevant information about the respondent at one place. Thereafter, the person is never required to enter lengthy personal and contact information on every transaction at AOne Panel. A simple mention of PIN / PRN is sufficient to know about the respondent, preferences and constraints etc..All the transactions a recorded against the PIN / PRN on the records of AOne Panel.
Obtaining of PIN / PRN assigns a preferred member status to the respondent. Such members with PIN / PRN avail full benefits as stated under:
  1. Get the first opportunity to take the Online Survey; as it opens to the members; prior to the non-members.
  2. Earned incentives every time are compoundable and members have the option of either accumulating it or any-time redemption.
  3. View 24 x 7 passbook statement having credits, debits and balances mentioned therein for the activities / transactions.
  4. Voice to suggest, advice and recommend Survey Administration of AOne Panel. Members can make comments, feedbacks, suggestions - any expression of opinion. The said appears with member's photograph over the web site at AOne Panel.
  5. Redeem the incentive points where as a TIN holder can only view his or her points on the passbook statement but not redeem.
  6. Take the Surveys online without the hassles of repetitive mentions on personal and contact information. It is like self check in at the airport and getting the boarding rights without any human intervention
IFSC Code is a eleven-digit digit alphanumeric code number that helps in uniquely identifying a branch of any given bank in any given city. When you ask the beneficiary his/her account number ask her to also give you the IFSC Code for his/her branch. You may also to find the IFSC code of banks participating in the NEFT system IFSC Code can also be obtained from the cheque book. It is a eleven digit alphanumeric code appearing above the MICR band on cheque preferably above the serial number of the cheque.
For any clarification, first you can check FAQ. We expect you to find clarification for most of your questions / queries and concerns. For any other clarification you can write to us, using the facility in the Contact Us or Help Desk section at
Visit at least once a day the website at, click Current Survey section and logIN to your account to check for available surveys. Where need be, we also intimate to the respondents on panel by email if there are any surveys available for their profile.
It is a five character alphanumeric code of your personal choice that you can remember and recall. You need to have security code to recall your forgotten PIN directly at the site without waiting for our end communication. The security code is encrypted and only the member respondent has access to manage account.
MICR / IFSC / SWIFT / Routing Code is needed to make expeditious payouts through electronic transfers. Whereas MICR and IFSC relates to respondents having bank accounts in India - the SWIFT and Routing Code applies to respondents in other countries. These codes are made available by the respective banks in which the respondent member holds an account to which the payout amount is destined to be transferred; on redemption of the incentive points in credit balance.
It is likely that you have registered with us using the same email id more than once and hence a conflict in allowing you log in. Please contact us through the Contact Us page for resolving the matter.
Other possibility is that you have not clicked on the validation link sent to your email id post-registration. In case you are not seeing in your Inbox - check for it in Bulk / Spam email folder and mark domain as your favourite to receive future communication also directly in your INBOX. The verification link needs to be clicked to confirm your email id as valid and activate your chosen log in password.
Good Question !
At AOne Panel we have provided several form options to Join Us. However, as a member respondent you can fill in any of the form options of your taste and interest.
  1. Gen Pop Panel : for members with general interest
  2. Decision Makers Panel : for members who are decision makers
  3. Professionals Panel : for members with professional interest.
  4. Health Care Panel : for Medical Practitioners, Paramedics and Patients
  5. Mothers Panel : for mothers and grand mothers
  6. Whisky Cons. Panel : for consumers of Whisky, Rum , Bear, Wine etc.
  7. Affiliates Panel : for agency / person interested in sending traffic of members to join us at
Post logIN you will have options of joining as many of the possible 24 panels of AOP by visiting the Manage Account section. There is no need to fill in multiple join us / empanelment / registration forms. A single registration is sufficient - rest happen post logIN !
No - you can only have one selected option for receiving payment. However, you can always change the option as per your preference - even later to joining.
Its safe to provide for your bank information - which otherwise will also be needed for receiving payment in cash from our end. However, you can do it after registration as well by visiting Manage Your Account section.
Where in you choose to receive redemption by Gift then, there is no need to provide bank information , but your address should be recent, correct and complete all the time !
Log IN with your email id as user name and your password. Go To Manage Account section - Personal Information . Select Deactivate option at the end of the form - Submit and That's it !

Earning FAQ's

Each survey you take will earn you points ranging from 02 to 50 points based on the type of survey. People have earned from Rs.5000 to Rs.20,000 per month in India and $100 to $500 per month elsewhere.
You can check your 24 x 7 Passbook >> like a bank / mobile / pericardia / credit-card statement - describing all your transactions (debits/ credits and as-on-date balances) mentioned therein.
It is simple, in your 24 x 7 passbook page you will have an inbuilt redemption from you need to fill in and submit to us, based on your request we will redeem within the specified processing time.
Redemption are paid
  1. By Cash which will be transferred directly to your bank account / sent by cheque to your address on our record.
  2. By Gift which will be shipped to your doorsteps at your given address You can choose your option while requesting for redemption.
  3. By PayPal - only for non Indian respondents - to their PayPal account as per our end records.
AOne Panel is dedicated to online surveys. However, there are other activities like Opinion Polls / Quiz / Discussion Room / Bulletin Board - forum talks / Advertisement campaigns available at AOne Panel to actively participate in.

Referral FAQ's

Upon a registrations , you receive a Referral link , which when clicked by your friend to empanel with us would earn an incentive point both of you every time it happens with your reference.
You can refer your colleagues, friends, foes, employers, employees, neighbors, acquaintances, relatives to empanel with us for receiving future and current opportunities to take the Surveys Online for INCENTIVE POINTS - accumulate for anytime redemptions.
Yes ! you can refer more than one person on same day - even those having same IP address.

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